greedy // 93

about a year ago i found a twenty dollar bill shining it's pretty little face up at me at the same location these photos were taken. being greedy, i hoped it would happen a second time. my eyes scanned the pavers, then the rotting wood and finally the fence that i'm fairly certain you need a tetanus shot if you come within a mile radius. of course all i found was a wadded up 7-11 receipt, half eaten bag of cheetos and something that resembled a ninja turtle action figure. like they say "you find money when you least expect it." actually, maybe that's love or your lost car keys. oh wait. no. the lost car keys are the last place you look. either way. no money was found. 

sunglasses // ray-ban

tank // forever 21

shorts // levi's

sandals // sam edelman


  1. Great outfit! I'm really digging those sandals.

    Little Lady Little City

  2. Looking fabulous gf! So in love with those sandals!

    <3 Shannon

  3. such a cute top, great casual look dear....

  4. You look so pretty! Really love that top! :)


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