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my father-in-law is a pilot and over the weekend we took landon to check out his hangar and see the planes. landon thinks every time he sees an airplane in the sky it's grandpa. "mommy! it's grandpa! hi grandpa! bye grandpa!" he had so much fun checking out the planes, helping clean them with his own rag and just acting like he owned the place like he usually does. of course when it came time to leave he didn't quite understand that we weren't moving in to the hangar and that the planes and the helicopter did not actually belong to him. hard things to understand at the age of three.


  1. Beautiful pics :)


  2. what a beautiful family you are!

    xx Anna
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  3. what a cutie! i bet he had the time of this life!!

  4. that is so fun! he is adorable!

  5. What cute photos! This looks like a fun day!

  6. oh. my. gosh. i bet you he was just freaking out over this- and he even got his own jumpsuit! this is like a little boy's dream day, haha! and i love how he always thinks it's grandpa in the sky- so precious :)

    xo marlen
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