some of my neighbors have to wonder why rey takes my photo on a daily basis. sometimes i'm propped against a random car. sometimes casually in the middle of the street. sometimes we sneak into their houses and take them in their backyards. not really. ok. maybe that happened one time. 
i am glad they don't ask why. then i would feel like i need to make up some elaborate story instead of telling them the truth. "he takes my photo for my blog that like 18 people read." 

doesn't sound all that fancy.

tank // forever 21
belt // target
denim shorts // urban outfitters
boots // target


  1. Baha. My husband and I always look around like we are getting 'caught' when we do outfit pics. It is a bit awkward, but the blog must go on!

    Love this edgy look and the shorts!! Still on the hunt to find a perfect pair of denim high waisted cut offs!


  2. Lol, it is always a bit awkward taking photos outside and people just stare! But what can we do right.
    Hope you can check out my latest DIY!

  3. they only WISH they had a blog that 18 people follow ;)

  4. you must live somewhere warm! your photos look like summer. i'm stuck in the dead of winter that will never seem to end.

    your hair is gorgeous!

  5. I lucky if I can get my hubby to take my pictures.


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